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why tortue3amour? February 5, 2009

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you may ask yourself, “why tortue3amour”? well, let me tell ya – its actually a long story, and i love my blog name – it feels very much at home to me. but now i’m getting ahead of myself (you’ll find that i do that alot – i tend to ramble…’ll get used to it! ūüėÄ )

anywho! i’ll start with “tortue”……

tortue is the french word for turtle.¬† i LOVE turtles, i feel very connected to them – if it’s my power animal, i don’t know. but i know i love them. i think some of the connection i have with them is sometimes i feel like i have a shell too. i tend to let things that people do/say to me bounce off my shell. and sometimes, if things really pile up on me and i am really stressed, i pull myself into my shell…..its kind of my dark place that i don’t like to be, and i try to not let things get me down (hence the shell) but you know, if you hit something¬†enough times, it’ll crack and stuff will get in. so my shell may be my dark place – but its my safe place too. sometimes i¬†tend to not let my friends in and tell them what is going on with me when i’m down. i don’t like to¬†burden them.¬†i’m known in my friend circle as kind of the strong one. i listen to peoples problems, i help when i can.¬†I guess, i don’t want them to see me¬†weak or vulnerable. i want to be strong for them. its something i am trying to work on, but my shell is my comfort zone sometime – i’m tring to let my friends in a little more.¬† i don’t know if that will make sense to anyone, but it does to me – LOL

the #3 – its my favorite number… “lucky” number, if you will.¬† as long as i can remember its been my favorite. it was babe ruth’s baseball number (i love baseball) it was my number in softball….when i couldn’t get that number in college, i picked the #9 (the number 3….3 times – thats why i picked that as an alternate) both of my kids were unplanned.¬† Damen was born 3/19 and kendall was born 9/14 (again with the 3 three times) i’ve found it pretty crazy that both of my kiddos, although unplanned, were born on my favorite numbers.¬† since learning a little more about spirituality, i’ve learned that 3 is a pretty good number there too. when you recite affirmations or mantras, its a good thing to do it in repetitions of 3 (thanks GS!)

and finally, amour

i’m sure you all know that amour means love in french. i’ve always been fascinated with love. i am your quintescential little girl that believes in fairy tales, that grew up knowing there is a “prince charming” out there for me somewhere. i am in love with the idea of love. i can’t describe it any better than that. Unfortunately, my little girl version of love has never come¬†true for me, as much as i’ve tried to force it to be that way. i’ve met the wrong kind of guys, but chose to see only what i wanted to see in them. but, i guess that is the journey i needed to take in my life¬†so i would know for sure, that specific man, the one that i¬†am meant to be with and share everything¬†with.¬†as jaded as i may be in the love department, i am still optimistic…..but now, for the first time in my life, i’m more “aware” of things. I ache to meet¬†my soulmate, but i have my eyes open this time to everything. i will not be deceived by a wolf in sheeps clothing again.


well, so thats it. turtle¬†love and a little insight¬†ūüôā i think the name suits me. i like it, and i like the feeling of having a name that really means something to me, on so many levels.


so i’m a bloggin’ February 4, 2009

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ok, so i’m new at blogging, so anyone that reads this will have to bear with me. I’d like to say that all my blogs will be insightful, riveting, make you glad you read it type of blogs…..but i know better. so, at least a COUPLE of my blogs will either be insightful, or riveting, or make you glad you read it. going for all 3 may be biting off a little more than i can chew. My blog isn’t going to have a definate direction…One day i may post some stuff on my neverending journey to becoming a photographer, another day i may post that i ate a vegetable (i’m not a fan of those, except for the lower end of the healthy range veggies). my blog, much like myself is going to be full of randomness. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, come back tomorrow and try again.